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We believe in posting our prices up-front where you can get a better idea of what we charge and compare that to what other investigative firms charge.  We are competitive and have no hidden fees.  The industry average to hire a private investigator ranges from $50 to $250 per hour.

Things to Avoid: 

1) Companies that ask for a large deposit before providing services.

 2) Unlicensed private investigators.

 3) Investigators not willing to provide a professional service agreement.

 4) Illegal use of tracking devices such as cell phones, keyloggers.

 5) Risky behavior that can cause you to be legally liable.

Things To Do:  1) Verify the private investigator and agency licensed, 2) Verify that there are no complaints against the investigator or agency, 3) Make sure the service agreement contains a list of the services discussed as well as a timeline for those services.

$75 per hour plus mileage at .50 per mile, or $600 per day (8 hrs). Domestic relations surveillance, fraud and insurance surveillance, and infidelity checks. Includes standard photography, digital photography, digital video, of the subject we are assigned to investigate. If there was no sign or activity of the subject we are not required to take video as it could cause suspensions from neighbors or family and friends in the area the background investigation of the subject, and detail reports of all events. We require a minimum advance retainer payment of $500 prior to starting all surveillance assignments. Authorization required prior to exceeding initial retainer amount.

Undercover Business Investigations:
$95 per hour plus mileage or $700 per day (8 hrs). Frequently involves investigating employee situations where theft, harassment, or other situations may exist.  Retainer amount required.

$45 Per hour in-office plus reports. We use proprietary databases for most locates. Verification of exact address and phone are essential to the process. Price depends on difficulty. Mileage may apply for on-site verifications. Retainer amount required.

Missing Persons:
$55 per hour in-office plus reports. If the assignment requires surveillance, an additional charge of $95 per hour plus mileage at .55 cents per mile. Frequently requires fieldwork and interviewing of possible associates. The investigation can be extensive and prices may vary. Other expenses may apply. Retainer amount required.

Domestic Relations:
$75 per hour for video surveillance plus mileage or $600 per day (8 hrs). Generally includes divorce and marriage issues and may include proof of affair and video documentation and court papers. Retainer required. Authorization required prior to exceeding initial retainer amount.

Background Checks:
$75 per hour in-office plus reports. Price depends on the depth of background check and the number of states and counties involved. Includes criminal history and civil records. Retainer required. 

Process of Service Rates:
Documents: $95 - $145 Per Serve (multiple documents ok on the same party)
Proof of Service: Free (client responsible for filing)
Mileage: Included if less than 20 miles total; otherwise .55 cents per mile
Attempts to Serve: 3
Advance payment in full required.
Notary: Free
Skip Tracing: Available
Investigative Services: Available - call

Skip Traces:
$75 per hour plus report fee. Generally includes current address and possible phone number. Pre-payment in full required.

Insurance Investigations:
$95 per hour plus mileage or $700 per day (8 hrs). Investigative services for insurance companies, law firms, and other investigative agencies. Price depends on surveillance needs, location, and time. Retainer required $500 (approximately 5 hours of surveillance). Authorization required prior to exceeding initial retainer amount.

Court Research:
$55 per hour. Includes document searches and researching case files at local and county courts. Mileage at .55 cents per mile. Charging for the photocopying of documents may apply. Pre-payment in full required.

Witness Interviewing:
$400 flat rate. Generally used for taking witness or subject statements. Audio and video recording depending on witness permission. Pre-payment in full required.

Fraud Investigations:
$95 per hour plus mileage at .55 cents per mile.  Retainer amount required.

$125 per hour. Personal inspection of personal and real property for business and public plus mileage at .55 cents per mile. Retainer amount required. 

Field Investigations:
$75 per hour. General investigation in regard to health and welfare, property interests, business interests, and personal interests.  Retainer amount required.

Civil Cases:
$75 per hour for in-office research plus reports.  Pre-payment in full required.

Asset Searches:
$75 per hour for in-office research plus reports.  Pre-payment in full required.

License Plate Searches: $400 per search with the detailed report of the owner and registered address. 

GPS Trackers: $400.00 per week or $1,000 for the month once you order the unit its none refundable and 

even if canceled by the canceled. Tri State Detective Agency is not responsible for weather conditions or the location of the target vehicle. If we are unable to mount the device without being detected we did our due diligence in attempting to mount the device and all fees paid will have been earned. 

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